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                            Chariots of Fire Theme – Vangelis

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Whenever the Olympic Games come around, the Chariots of Fire theme begins to roll around in my head. With much of the world captivated by the games, I start to wonder about the characteristics needed to become an Olympic athlete and the songs that inspire us to do great things. After extensive reading, the character traits of an Olympic athlete boil down to:

Qualities of a Great Athlete:




Good time management


In many successful ventures there is a song (at least one) that has helped someone soar to new heights and tackle challenges beyond their wildest dreams.

IMG_1331 (1)

How often has music allowed you to perform at your best? Which songs motivate you to face the day?

In my youth, I often thought my athletic abilities were destined for Olympic competitions. Well, maybe not the Olympics, but at least a college scholarship. Perhaps a full ride was out of the question, but red-shirting was definitely an option. Even though none of those options became a reality, music has inspired and comforted me throughout my life. Within every meaningful life event, I can think of at least one song that defines a particular moment. I imagine you can do the same.

  • Which song makes you feel as though you are invincible?
  • Which song gives you strength to soar?
  • Please post your song(s) in the comment space below.

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  1. Losantos Vellima

    Michael Jackson Heal the world

  2. Lis Nagy

    Losantos, Thanks for commenting and reading my post.

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