It all began in December of 2011.  My husband and I were walking through a mall, (one of my least favorite activities) when I spotted a music store with loads of guitars.  I casually uttered the same comment I had made at least 15 times in the past couple of years, “Someday, I’m going to play the guitar or banjo.”  We decided to wander into the store and have a look around.  You are probably thinking that I had just laid the groundwork for a major holiday ‘score’ in the music store.  But, when it comes to shopping, my momentum is similar to that of  an elephant backing into a travel trailer.  I’m a combination of reluctance, hesitation, and a caution sign all rolled into one excitable heap of flesh.  

It was immediately clear that most of the guitars and banjos were within our price range (under $400.00). Since I did not know ANYTHING about guitars or banjos, I was a prime target for the gentleman running the store.  Now, having played the violin for quite a few years, and having spent many hours working with wood in a previous lifetime, I have always held a supreme appreciation for natural wood products.  Due to the fact that the banjos seemed to be made from (mostly) synthetic materials, I quickly narrowed my choice down to the 30+ guitars hanging on the wall.  This was an unusually spontaneous decision for someone who happens to be shopping challenged.

I settled on a Washburn Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar and walked out of the store with a delicate guitar, a case that weighed close to two tons, and no knowledge whatsoever of how to play, strum, pick, or tune a guitar. The shop owner talked us into a guitar strap (that would later be given to the Goodwill) and an assortment of picks (that I would never use) but I’m getting ahead of myself.  

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