Personal Biography



Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar

Genre: Soft Rock/Folk

Lis Nagy grew up on an island in the Pacific Northwest and was exposed to many genres of music. Classical, folk, and rock were a constant throughout her childhood. Balancing family and work prompted Lis to find a place wherein she could lose herself for a few brief moments every day. In August, of 2015, she released her first album, House of Music. For someone who has always loved to write, composing lyrics has been a natural segue into the musical realm. After a winter of composing new material, Lis is very excited to announce the release of four new songs including Will You Be There In The End and Holding Out Hope. In releasing House of Music, Lis hopes listeners are able to find some connection that is meaningful. Sharing her songs with the rest of the world is a dream come true.

Amazon reviews for House of Music   

Great CD!!

A lovely mix of music! The mix of music is heartfelt and soothing, and easy to listen to over and over again. The song, “Believe”, shows the diversity of Lis’ songwriting and guitar playing the best, however, I find that all songs tell lovely stories. Very enjoyable!!  S.M.

Beautiful easy listening music         

Beautiful mix of heartfelt songs. Great easy listening that can be played over and over.  L.H.